Pascal Monasse's homepage


Engineer of Ponts et Chaussées
PhD at Ceremade, Paris: Contrast Invariant Representation of Digital Images and Application to Registration
Working on: Image and Video processing, Mathematical Morphology


I am a researcher in applied mathematics at the CMLA in ENS Cachan and at the CEREMADE in Paris. My PhD thesis focused on a new contrast invariant representation of images, based on the inclusion structure of level lines, which led to several applications: study and implementation of the grain filter, a new adaptive quantization algorithm, and especially image registration. If interested, take a look at the abstract or at some slides.
My current research interests are focused on video analysis, with emphasis on motion in videos.
My master was about a totally different subject: the goal was to construct a new family of wavelet bases on an interval, verifying prescribed boundary conditions, in order to solve numerically Partial Differential Equations.

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